My Pet is Sick/Injured

The Humane Society is only able to provide veterinary services to animals in our care (those who have been surrendered, found as strays, or seized as part of a cruelty investigation). The only public veterinary services that we provide are spay/neuter services through our veterinary clinic, and monthly Wellness Clinics that are geared towards families that would otherwise would be unable to provide wellness care for their pet(s). If your animal is showing signs of illness or injury, it is your responsibility as their caregiver to seek veterinary attention right away. The College of Veterinarians of Ontario offers a vet finder service online that can help you find a vet if you don’t already have one or you can search for a veterinarian in your area online. Please note that there can be a wide range of prices from clinic to clinic, so if cost is an issue it may be helpful to call around. Not sure if your pet actually needs to see a vet? Telehealth services are now available in Ontario for pets (fees apply). For more information please visit Smart.Vet, Vetster, or Telus Health MyPet

Sometimes, if you are an existing client, a veterinarian will work with you to find with most affordable options or to arrange a payment plan. Unfortunately, most clinics will not offer payment plans to new clients. If your pet needs care and you don’t have the money available there are a few options:

  • The Farley Foundation is operated by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association, and offers pet care grants for individuals on social assistance. Your vet must apply to the program for you.

  • Pet Card is a credit card specifically for pet care. You can apply online or over the phone and get immediate approval for veterinary care.

  • Talk to friends and family. You may be surprised at who will help out when your pet is going through a difficult time.

  • If your pet has been diagnosed with pyometra, the Humane Society may be able to assist through our Pyometra Program. Applications are accepted from owners who are unable to afford the required emergency surgery to treat pyometra.

  • Money Mart Cash Advance is available for those who need to see a vet before payday.

  • Sometimes there may be help available, although it will take leg work to apply and fundraise.  We suggest using Waggle, which is the only pet-dedicated crowdfunding platform devoted to raising funds for pets in medical crisis

If your pet requires medical care and you are unable to provide it, you may have to make the difficult decision to surrender them. If you are in this situation, please contact us at 519-966-5751 to discuss it. Please note that failing to provide your pet with required veterinary care is an offense under provincial law, and you can be charged if you allow your pet to suffer without treatment.