signature pets program

When adopting any pet in these programs, you can choose your own adoption fee!

Special Paws

Pets with medical conditions that may require ongoing care or treatment. These include cats with FIV, pets who require medication long-term, pets on prescription diets, or pets with chronic conditions (like allergies or diabetes).


Pets with behavioural concerns that will require patience and understanding on the adopter’s part. These include some young cats who may be “spicy”, cats who will be shy and need time to come out of their shell, or dogs with jumpy or mouthy behaviours that may require ongoing work with a trainer.

Overlooked Pets

Pets who have been waiting for an extended time for their forever home. These animals may have been overlooked for any number of reasons (sometimes just because of their colour!) and have been here longer than many of our other pets.

Working Whiskers

These are cats who will be happiest in a barn, shop, or other free-roaming setting. Some are independent and self-sufficient and not inclined to trust people, some are social cats with a high prey drive (which can lead to problems in a regular home without a “job” to keep them busy), and some are friendly cats who tend to “think outside the litter box”. .