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June cat surgery appointments are still available, and walk-in days for ferals have been posted. July surgery appointments will open on June 17 at 10am.

On the third Monday of every month we will open the majority of surgery bookings for the following month (if the Monday is a holiday, it would be opened the following business day). Wellness clinics are opened as they become available and are usually held once a month, though sometimes more.  Please understand that we are a single charitable organization doing the best we can to provide access to affordable care.

Check our website daily for any cancellations or if new spots are added as our surgical capacity allows.

All May Wellness Clinic dates are fully booked. The next available dates will be June 11, 19, and 25 and appointments for those dates will open on May 30 at 10am.

Cat Spay - Female

CA$50.00 Limit 2 cats per family per day

Cat Neuter - Male

CA$50.00 Limit 2 cats per family per day

Feral Cat (Sex Unknown)


Appointments for spay/neuter of community cats. All cats booked in these appointments should arrive in a live humane trap for cat and staff safety. Please note that these appointments are intended for free-roaming community cats, and not pet cats. These cats will not receive a physical exam prior to sedation. 

Walk-in Days: Feral Cat (Unknown Sex)

For Windsor/Essex cats ONLY!


**Kitten season special walk-in days** Feral caregivers may bring in free-roaming community cats without an appointment on these days. Attendance on these days is limited to community/free-roaming cats residing in Windsor and Essex County. Community cats must arrive in a live humane trap. 

Wellness Appointments

CA$25 (for exam only)

Wellness clinics are for healthy pets who have no medical or health concerns. Book your dog or cat in for vaccines, flea and heartworm prevention. We do not diagnose or provide any sort of diagnostic services. Pets who are sick or needing special treatments need to be seen by a full service veterinarian and should NOT be booked in these appointments. For a list of service offered and prices visit https://windsorhumane.org/wellness-services/