Spaying and Neutering Your Barn Cats

As part of a continued effort to address cat overpopulation in Essex County, in 2020 the Humane Society launched a new spay/neuter initiative focused exclusively on barn or farm cats. While our spay/neuter clinic has long offered services for feral, or “community” cats, many people with barn cats don’t think of them that way. Clinic procedures that work for people and groups doing TNR (trap-neuter-return) don’t necessarily work for barn cats. But offspring of barn cats are frequently brought to the Humane Society as stray kittens in need of homes.


If you have a farm cat(s), please email barncats@windsorhumane.org with your full name, address, phone number, and number of cats (if you know genders we would like to know that too but it’s not essential). We will follow up with you about next steps.

While we appreciate the interest of those outside our community, this program is supported by donations primarily from Windsor/ Essex residents to reduce the number of cats coming into our shelter; therefore applications are limited to those residing in Windsor/ Essex County.


In addition to their spay/neuter, all barn cats will be provided with FVRCP and rabies vaccines, treated for internal and external parasites, microchipped, and ear tipped to identify them as altered for the discounted fee of only $30 per cat! Please note that a barn cat is defined as “living solely outdoors, in a barn or farm property, and having an owner or caregiver”.

This program is ONLY possible because of our community’s support. To help support life-saving efforts like this barn cat program, please donate here.