I Found A Deceased Pet

We understand how distressing it can be to see an animal who has been killed by a car or died of an illness.


The Humane Society will pick up any deceased domestic animals (dogs and cats) on public property in the City of Windsor. Please call us at 519-966-5751, ext 110 from 8am to 6pm daily (seven days a week, excluding holidays) to report the animal’s location, or email pound@windsorhumane.org. Our goal is to respond to all calls regarding deceased animals within 24 hours; please note that delays may occur when our officers have to prioritize calls for sick or injured animals.


Please note that the below contacts are for services not provided by the Humane Society. They are provided as a resource for your information. If you have any questions please reach out to your municipality for clarification:

If your own animal has passed away, it is your responsibility to care for their remains properly. That may mean burying them, or arranging for cremation. Communal cremation is available through the Humane Society for $30 for small animals, $100 for cats, and $150 for dogs. Private cremation prices vary by weight; the cost for this service will depend on the pet’s weight, and the type of urn selected. Prices range from $300 to $485 when done through the Humane Society. However, we encourage pet owners to contact Windsor Precious Pet Cremation directly to make arrangements. For more information about their services please visit www.windsorpreciouspetcremation.com or call them at 519-966-1211. Please note that while the Humane Society is not normally able to pick up remains from your home this is a service that is offered for a fee by Precious Pet.