Behaviour tips for cats

My Cat Won’t Use the Litter Box!

If your cat all of a sudden stops using the box without any known reason or change, a vet visit is your first step for ruling out medical issues like urinary tract infections or bladder stones. 

  • Change in Environment: Cats don’t like change, and a sudden change in their home or routine can cause enough stress to result in litter box issues. Try and think if anything has changed. Did you change the litter, type of box, location? Did you bring another animal home? Change your work schedule? 

  • They don’t like the litter/box/location: Most cats like scent free clumping litter, and a box to be in a quiet, low-stress area. Large or geriatric cats may not like small boxes, or boxes with tall sides to step into.

  • Other resident animals are bullying them: Sometimes if there are multiple cats and not enough litter boxes, one cat may guard the box from another. If there are other animals in the home like a dog and it requires a cat to pass a dog to get to their box, this could be a stressor and a reason to not use a box as well. 

  • You may need to try relocating your cat to a smaller, quiet space with a few different types of boxes with different types of litters. Test the waters and see which ones they seem to be using, or if they refuse to use any of them. 

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