Wiley (previously Gumdrop)

“My husband and I adopted a cat, Gumdrop, on January 2nd 2024… 

After some discussion we decided to rename her Wiley. When we found out she was found as a stray in Amherstburg we talked about how cunning and clever she was to have survived for any length of time outdoors. Now she is our wily little Wiley. 

She had a bit of an eye infection when we took her home and gave her her drops twice a day for 9 days until signs of infection went away. She earned the nickname Blinky for a while but now both eyes are wide open and she seems content exploring her new house and looking out her new windows. 

To keep them safe and healthy we quarantined her in our spare bedroom away from our 3 year old cat Stanley. The process of their very slow introduction started when her infection cleared up. We can see that it will take them some time to feel entirely comfortable together but we are pleased that they have managed to play, eat, and nap together at this point. She has a lot of kitten energy and sometimes it is too much for Stan, but they both handle it well when he hits his limit and lets her know. We still separate them overnight but they spent the past few days together and it has been great.”