wechs veterinary clinic


Windsor/Essex County Humane Society is proud to offer a comprehensive list of wellness treatments to pet owners in our community. We understand the challenges our community has and continues to face. We believe It is more important now than ever to provide accessible veterinary care in Windsor/Essex County.


Our Wellness Clinic days offer curbside appointments for dogs and cats where in addition to a complete wellness examination by a veterinarian, pet owners can select from a list of available treatments and services. Appointments for Wellness Clinic days can be booked online HERE.


(Please note that these appointments are opened one month at a time. If there are no openings be sure to check back soon).

We encourage you to seek out a primary care veterinary hospital for routine medical care, however we understand that at times circumstances can change and access to wellness veterinary care may be more challenging. Our aim is to bridge the gap for pet owners to be able to provide additional preventative healthcare, where they otherwise would be unable to. Although our clinic does not require proof of income, our wellness clinic is generally geared towards families that would otherwise would be unable to provide wellness care for their pet(s).


Please note, the Windsor/Essex County Veterinary Clinic’s Wellness appointments do not offer full service medical care for publicly owned pets, and is limited to the services listed on specific Wellness Clinic days. Payment for selected services is due at the time of your appointment, and may be made by cash, debit, Visa, and Mastercard.


Please click HERE for appointment availability.


Fee for Dogs

Fee for Cats

Examination (Required)

$25 per animal

$25 per animal


DA2PP - $25

Rabies - $25

Bordetella Intranasal - $30

FVRCP - $25

Rabies - $25

Flea & Tick


Single Dose - $20

Package of 6 - $112

*Additional fee for dogs over 120lbs


Single Dose - $17

Package of 6 - $70

*Basic deworm (not tapeworms) and flea prevention.

Lab Tests

4DX Heartworm Snap Test - $40 Wellness Bloodwork - $75

FIV/FeLV Test - $40

Wellness Bloodwork - $75


Drontal Plus (oral) - $30/dose

Milbemax (oral) - $20/dose *Broad spectrum dewormer (including tapeworms)

Heartworm Prevention

Single dose of Heartgard - $10 Package of 6 Heartgard - $55 *Only available with an up-to-date, negative heartworm test (older than 6 months of age) *Basic dewormer (not including tapeworms) and heartworm prevention.


$20 per animal

$20 per animal

Nail Trim

$20 per animal

$20 per animal