wechs veterinary clinic

walk-in feral spay/neuter days

Feral caregivers may bring in free-roaming community cats without an appointment on these days. Attendance on these days is limited to community/free-roaming cats residing in Windsor and Essex County. 

Community cats must arrive in a live humane trap. 


Standard $50 fee (or voucher payment) required. A community cat package will be provided at no charge: FVRCP Vaccine, Rabies, Flea Treatment, Microchip and Ear tip. Due to the volume of surgeries NO additional services will be offered, nor can a service in the package be declined.


Wednesday May 29th between 8am-9am

Tuesday June 4th between 8am-9am

Monday June 10th between 8am-9am

Tuesday, June 18th between 8am-9am

*Walk-ins MUST be here before 9am.