Happy Tails: Theo (formerly Ross Gellar)

We just want to thank you all again for such a great adoption experience with Theo, formerly known as Ross Gellar. 

He has been such a heartwarmingly fun addition to our family! He’s such a sweet boy, loves meeting new people, and new four legged animal friends. 

He loves all his new chew toys, especially his puppy stuffy that he likes to cuddle up with when he can’t sneak in to cuddle his Beagle brother Milo. 

He’s really good on a leash, getting used to going on walks, but prefers cuddling in and getting all the pets and loving from us. ▪️Theo loves food time, and has been a good boy about sitting first and then eating. ▪️He’s been a quick learner on going to the back sliding door to let us know he needs to go out to do his business!

We can’t wait to see how much this smart boy will learn going forward, and are excited to keep teaching him new things and seeing how much he grows on his growth chart! 

I am attaching a few of the hundreds of photos we have already taken of this handsome little man! 

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!