Sweet Pea

Tiny Sweet Pea stole the hearts of our staff members, and we were so happy to hear she’s already settled in her new home! “She is doing amazing. She is my little shadow and is just so sweet. She can get a little spicy with her ‘big’ sister Jim (9lbs lol) but Jim is very patient and not at all concerned…Ps I swear we have dogs beds galore at our house, she just loves these slippers 😂 “

We received another adorable update on Sweet Pea, now named Fig! “I wanted to give you a quick update on Sweet Pea, who has been newly named Fig 🥰 She is doing great! She is bonding to myself and my husband pretty equally and has already gained about 3 oz (we inherited a baby scale to monitor her weight easier lol). Aside from a few spicy chihuahua moments, she is starting to be more comfortable and even a little cuddly with her sister Jim (formerly Gem, another WECHS Alumni that we adopted 11 years ago) and big brother Ozzie. She has found her voice and is happy to let you know if there is a stranger in the house or if she would like to be airlifted onto the couch 😆 I attached a few updated pictures. “