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thank you for donating!

Every year, WECHS makes a difference in the lives of thousands of local animals in need, domesticated and wild.


  • In 2022 alone, we treated, housed, rescued, reunited or cared for more than 14,800 animals.

  • Our “Good Home Guarantee” that promises every adoptable animal will find a home, helps animals like Clyde. A senior dog who was surrendered for euthanasia, we helped him find a new home on a farm where he could live out his days surrounded by love.

  • Our commitment to helping reunite lost animals with their families goes beyond helping animals in the shelter, as we saw over 680 local pets microchipped at a greatly reduced price during our three drive-thru microchip clinics in 2023. We also reunited 597 lost animals with the families who missed them in 2022.

  • As a registered not-for-profit charity, we rely on the support and generosity of the community, our partners, donors, and the success of our fundraisers and campaigns to be able to continue the important work we do.

  • Adopting animals into forever homes. In 2022 we completed thousands of families with 3,131 adoptions of dogs, cats, farm animals, rabbits, and more and we’re ahead of that number in 2023!

  • Providing emergency protective care to help pet owners in crisis. We provided emergency care for 172 animals last year.

  • Providing education, resources, and assistance to our community to help keep pets safe and healthy.

  • Providing resources to help low-income families keep their beloved pets. through programs such as our spay/neuter services, wellness clinics, and pet food bank.

Thanks to the support of donors like you, we can continue these humane programs and help thousands more animals every year!

Your donation has helped animals just like...


Roxi is a senior dog who was surrendered because her owner couldn’t afford her ongoing medical care. She suffers from liver issues and allergies, and requires lifelong medication. But we knew that there was an adopter willing and able to provide the care Roxi needs! She found the perfect home with a Mom who loves her dearly, who says that Roxi is quietly protective of her. “Recently a friend visited, Roxi simply placed herself between us until she decided my friend was acceptable. No growling or aggression, just standing quietly between us. She enjoys walks every day, and her favorite activity inside my home is digging through the toy box, searching for ’today’s toy of choice’”.

Choosing her toy of choice for the day!


Snickers was part of our Signature Pets Program – he was a “Working Whiskers”. These are cats who will be happiest in a barn, shop, or other free-roaming setting due to a variety of reasons. He was adopted to a very loving family, where he lives in their barn. “He loves to greet us when we enter the barn, he swirls around our feet while we walk in there… He wants ALL the love and ALL the cuddles… he’s spoiled with his heated water bowl and heated house bed too!”