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royal canin pilot program

Dogs and cats at the Windsor/ Essex County Humane Society have been fed Royal Canin food during their time in shelter since 2018. And now, through a special pilot program partnership between the Humane Society and Royal Canin, all dog and cat adopters will receive a bag of that same high quality food delivered to their home at no charge shortly after they adopt!  

This program is the first of its kind in Canada, and will offer adopters the opportunity to sign up to receive food delivered to their homes on an ongoing basis, with 10% of all future purchases donated by Royal Canin to the Humane Society.

In 2023, the Humane Society completed 3,225 adoptions an average of nearly 9 every day of the year!  All adopted dogs and cats come spayed or neutered, microchipped, with age-appropriate vaccinations parasite prevention, and now they will also come with a month’s supply of Royal Canin food.

Sign up for Auto-Ship on your first Royal Canin order, and receive a complimentary Wisdom Panel DNA Kit to learn even more about your new furry friend!