Happy Tails: Roxi

“Roxi has settled extremely well  into my life and home. We are bonded as a family, including my small dog Cody, and my cats, whom she simply ignores. 

Roxi is already very protective of me. I live alone and I was hoping for a canine companion who would also be protective to a point. Recently a friend visited, Roxi simply placed herself between us until she decided my friend was acceptable. No growling or aggression, just standing quietly between us.  

Roxi is fully house and obedience trained. She does not bark unless she hears a noise or someone comes to the door.  We go for a 15-20 minute walk every day, fresh air and exercise in one. She is an expert at finding unmentionable things to roll in. Thankfully she also tolerates almost daily baths. 

Roxi has met a few other dogs on our walks, and she gets so excited. Her tail wags continuously as she bounces. She is a joy to walk.  

My Great Dane who passed away, left a treasure trove of toys that Roxi has been thrilled to find. Her favorite activity inside my home is digging through the toy box, searching for “Today’s toy of choice”. 

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for placing us together.”