Pyometra Program

The Windsor/Essex County Humane Society is proud to offer a surgical pyometra treatment program for eligible affected pets. Pyometra is a serious, life threatening infection occurring within the uterus of unspayed female animals.


Acceptance to the program is not automatic; pet owners must apply and clients will be considered based on medical condition, prognosis, and WECHS resources. Applications are accepted from owners whose pet has been diagnosed with pyometra by their regular veterinary hospital, but the owner is unable to afford the required emergency surgery. We encourage all pet owners to develop a relationship with a primary care veterinary hospital of their choice; however we understand that at times access to veterinary care may become more challenging. Our aim is to bridge the gap for pet owners who otherwise would not have options for their pet facing a treatable, life-threatening, emergency. This program was developed from existing HQHVSN pyometra programs at other humane organizations, where this model has demonstrated excellent patient success. You can find some great information from our friends at the ASPCA here.


Pet owners who have a pet diagnosed with pyometra and are interested in applying for this program should immediately contact the shelter at 519-966-5751 during open business hours and ask to speak with a manager to review program inclusion criteria and associated costs.

Pictured: Some of the lives who have been saved because they were able to have surgery through this program!

While we appreciate the interest of those outside our community, this program is supported by donations primarily from Windsor/ Essex residents and therefore applications are limited to those residing in Windsor and Essex County.


Please note, this program offers life-saving surgery for eligible patients (as determined by a licensed veterinarian), though excludes any additional follow-up hospitalization or treatment if needed. In the event that treatment beyond surgery is required the pet owner will be referred back to their primary veterinary hospital.


This program is intended to help save lives when owners would otherwise be facing the option of euthanasia for their beloved pets. The cost of surgery under this special program is $300 for cats and $500 for dogs. Payment is required at the time of admission to the program, and may be made by cash, debit, Visa, or Mastercard.


This program is only available because of the community’s support. The WECHS would like to send a special thank you to the Civic Association of Non-Union Employees Inc. (CANUE), representing City of Windsor employees, for their generous grants to launch and sustain this program.