Happy Tails: Pickles and Buffy

“I thought I would share some photos and news about our adoptees, Cream Cheese and Buffy. 

Tabby has kept her name.  She quite aggressively seeks affection!  She will take pets by force for 30 min at a time.  She has anointed herself head of the animals in the house and will stare down our yappy Boston terrier who rules the upstairs.  She spends many hours at night “gerbil hunting” by studying the gerbils in their 4 foot high residential complex. 

Cream cheese is now names pickles.   She is always ready to pounce on Buffy or our 14 year grandmother cat. She is a doppelganger of our older cat.  Her and Buffy have made friends with our older cat who will roam the house with them when she’s up for in and when she’s not, she simply ignores the kids.  

They have acclimated very well and are living their best lives.  I’ve attached a few pictures.”