Happy Tails: Olive (formerly Peanut)

“I wanted to send a quick update on Peanut, a little 10 yr old grey cat we adopted in April of this year. We have absolutely fallen in love with her and she has settled in so well to our household. 

We had a few small, to be expected, bumps to begin, with an upset tummy and some concerns about how she would mesh with our very senior dog Lucy (also adopted from you some 15 years ago!). 

But, it has been a wonderful experience. The dog and cat choose to politely ignore each other and respect each other’s space nicely – which is sometimes somewhat amusing to watch, but they do provide each other with a presence, which, for Lucy, who lost her long time partner dog last fall, is I think somewhat of a comfort. 

Peanut, (now Olive) has so much love to give as a mature cat without all the crazy shenanigans of a young one. She sits in our windows to watch the birds in the backyard, plays with my daughter in the evenings, hunts us down to nap on our chests when we lie down to relax, and generally puts us to sleep when this happens as a gentle purring machine. She has even won over my husband who insisted he would never want a cat – and now they nap together in the afternoons. 

This is our first cat, and she has taken on her job of training us to be her servants with a subtle grace. 

I’ve attached a set of photos I took of her a bit ago.

Hope this update brightens your day. Thank you for working hard for all of the animals, not just the young cute, bouncy, in demand ones!”