Behaviour tips for dogs

Misc training tips

Enrichment Ideas

Mental enrichment (like brain games) has so many different benefits for a dog. It will be important to have a combination of physical exercise and mental enrichment daily. Please see some great suggestions underneath:

Impulse Control

Some dogs may have a hard time controlling their emotional urges for lots of different reasons. Please read these helpful articles about helping your dog develop impulse control:

Prey Drive

Some dogs, especially depending on their breed, may have a strong prey drive and experience predation behaviour. For most dogs, completely eliminating their prey drive is very difficult and nearly impossible to do, due to it being an instinctual part of them. But, with proper training, prevention, and management, you can help reduce the behaviour and reduce the intensity of it.

Please read these links for further information about working with a dog who has prey drive:

Meeting a Dog

When wanting to introduce your dog to another dog in the future, it will be important to take it slow and follow a proper approach.

Fence Wars

Some dogs may become reactive or defensive with another dog behind a fence. This can be a challenge if your neighbour has a dog, and both dogs are reacting to each other when they’re outside. Please read this link on “fence wars” and how to work on it.


Digging is a very natural behaviour for dogs to engage in, though most people don’t enjoy having their garden dug up, and it’s important to try to understand what reason your dog has for the digging behaviour.


Mouthing is different from actual aggressive biting. Dogs who mouth don’t have intentions to harm, and can mouth wanting to play, out of over-excitement, stress, and many other reasons. The links below discuss mouthing a bit more and how to work on this behaviour challenge.

Excited Jumping

Dogs may get very jumpy when they’re over excited and want attention. Please read these links for further information on how to work on this:

Fear of Stairs

Some dogs may be scared of stairs due to having a bad experience, or lack of exposure. Please see this following link for more information pertaining to this behaviour challenge.

Fear of Car Rides

Some dogs may be uncomfortable in a car for a number of reasons. They could get car sick, be uncomfortable with confinement, not like the sound or movement, have had no prior experience with being in a car, and the list goes on. Dogs that struggle with this issue need lots of time and patience and desensitization work. Please read these links for further information:

Submission/Excited Urination

You may have met dogs before that tinkle at your feet when greeting them. This can be because of fear, or excitement. Please read this link for further information on how to work on this.

Fear of Noises

Some dogs can be scared of certain noises due to lack of exposure, or prior negative experiences/associations with that particular noise. Please read the links below for working with a dog that has a fear of noises:

Counter Surfing

Some dogs may have an issue with jumping up on the counter and trying to steal whatever they find, especially food related items. Please read this article for further info.

Escaping The Yard

Dogs may get out of the yard for a number of reasons. Preventing this from happening is extremely important for safety, and there are lots of proper steps to take and things to consider with this behaviour challenge.

Won’t Come Inside When Called

Ever have a dog that acts like they don’t hear you when it’s time to come inside? It can be pretty frustrating, especially in the colder months when you have to go outside and bring the dog in. Please read up more about this here.

Dog Arousal

Some dogs can really struggle with regulating their arousal levels. They can be over-excited, over-stimulated, and even frustrated or stressed when over-aroused. Please read more at the links below:

Relaxation/Calm Behaviour

Working on teaching your dog how to calm down and settle can be extremely beneficial and applied in numerous situations. It can take a while to work on, but you’ll be happy you did once you start seeing results. Please view these links for more information:

Durable Toys for Crazy Chewers

Here is a good read with some good suggestions for crazy powerful chewers that otherwise destroy toys.

Dog Eats Things

Sometimes dogs may try to eat and consume certain things. This can be life threatening, and proper prevention and training is crucial. Please read more here.

Muzzle Training

Muzzles aren’t just for aggression. They can be used for dogs that easily pick up and eat things, at vets offices, and of course as a safety measure to prevent a bite. You never know when a dog may need to be conditioned to wear a muzzle. Here is a good article for muzzle training.


Dogs may start chewing things for a number of reasons. Please read up more about this here.

Dog Won’t Go To Bathroom in Cold


Barking can be a nuisance, but it’s important to realize exactly why your dog is barking in the first place, and how to address it properly. Please read more here:

Door Bolting

Some dogs can have an issue with bolting as soon as they see an exit. Proper prevention and training is important to put an end to this issue. 

Please read more below:

Heartworm Positive Dog

It can be hard to ensure a heartworm positive dog is kept calm during their treatment. If you have a HW+ dog, please read up for further tips and information here.

Dog Parks - Good and Bad

There is a lot of controversy surrounding dog parks and whether or not they are beneficial for dogs. Dog parks can come with a lot of risks, and create long term issues for some dogs. Before taking your dog to a dog park, please read up more about them here.

Dogs Living Together/Proper Interactions with Other Dogs

Dogs can live in the same home and have a great relationship with each other. Though this does require proper prevention, management, and training for success. Please read the following links for some more helpful information:

Tug of War

There’s a lot of controversy over whether or not tug of war increases aggression in dogs. And believe it or not, playing tug can actually have numerous benefits and can really help strengthen your bond and relationship. Of course, like anything, there are numerous things to consider before playing tug with your dog to ensure safety and overall success. Before playing tug, please read more here: