Maisy (formerly Grace)

You may remember this sweet girl – formerly named Grace, now Maisy – who came in as a stray in rough condition.  She was very underweight, with very long nails that had not been trimmed in a long time.  She had crusting on her ears, hair thinning, and lots of dander.  Safe to say this girl needed to put on weight and get some TLC! She went to foster with a member of our behaviour staff, and then was adopted out to a family with a Doberman friend for her to play with!  

Just a quick note on Grace.  She is now called Maisy.  She is such a sweetheart, a little more rambunctious than we were planning on having, but we already love her dearly! She was totally at home the moment she got in our house, a little iffy of John at first but she has been getting up in the chair with him and snoozing a couple times today.  She is so smart!  She already responds to her new name and listens very well…. We have a trainer coming to the house this week to help out mostly with helping us help her to be the best little girl she can.  She has already settled down so much in the two days since she came home with us.  She goes to meet her new vet this week as well, so will be a busy week for her.

I will attach a couple pictures, I haven’t been able to get many with her and Bruce together because they don’t stay still long enough lol, but they love to cuddle up on the couch in the evening when they are tired out.  

Thanks so much to Grace’s trainer/foster…for all the information given to us and getting Maisy/Grace ready for us to bring home!”