Happy Tails: Luna (previously Poker)

“It has been approximately 2.5 weeks since we have brought home Luna (previously known as Poker). The past couple of weeks have had a few minor challenges, which is expected, but Luna has found her place with our family. She has made ample progress when it comes to meeting people and other animals and is responding to her new name! 

She loves all dogs and her best friend is her new brother Dobby. She also has a budding friendship with a neighbour’s cat named Gibbs and does very well with her kitty sister too!

Luna goes on long, daily, walks and has become quite the little explorer! She gets very excited when she is asked if she wants to go for a walk or a ride in the truck. She is getting into a routine with our family, has had no accidents in the house and is glued to her new mama’s hip. Although she loves snuggling with her new dad in bed as well!! 

She has been crate trained and is beginning to show a lot of interest in different foods (fruits and veggies), treats (especially freeze dried chicken breast) and activities! Luna is also a HUGE lover of squeaky toys.

She is allowing her teeth to be brushed and has received a clear health check from our personal veterinarian! 

We have a long way to go to combat her fearfulness of loud/sudden noises and sudden movements but it is a challenge we are excited to overcome together as a family.”