Happy Tails: Kilo (formerly Catalytic) and Bennett

Catalytic, now Kilo, came to us as a stray in February and was adopted less than two weeks later. Bennett came to us as a stray but was here for over 2 months looking for his forever home.  Bennett was a very sweet but very shy kitty who struggled to come out of his cubby and get acknowledged by the public.  He finally got adopted in August, and now he has a new little brother! 

“I have an update on Kilo (Catalytic was his name when we adopted him). We adopted Kilo about 3 weeks ago Saturday, we introduced Bennett (whom we adopted in August of 2023) and Kilo after a week and a trip to our vet (just to make sure all was good). Even when apart Kilo felt brave around his brother and would come out of hiding to play under the door. When we opened the door for the first time Kilo was nervous but he is slowly coming out of his shell! Bennett has been an amazing big brother, he helps Kilo feel brave, explore, and come out from hiding 🖤 they go everywhere together and they’re doing so well. “