Happy Tails: Gracie (previously Snickerdoodle)

“I am emailing because my mother and I recently adopted a kitten (Snickerdoodle) from your shelter, and we wanted to provide you with an update and some photos of how she is progressing in our home.

As you probably recall, Snickerdoodle (renamed to Gracie) was very scared and shy and remained quite shy and scared (and a bit hissy!) for her first couple of days in our home, but in the last day or so, she’s warmed up to us quite a bit.  She lets us pet her (and purrs very loudly when we do) and has been playing with us a lot. We are very excited that she is starting to trust us and we love her so much already. I have attached some photos for you and your team to see, hopefully it brightens up your day.

Thanks for trusting us to be Gracie’s fur-parents!”