foster to surrender

During the busy summer months, we rely on volunteer foster homes to care for kittens who are too young to go up for adoption, and kittens who are ill and need to recover before they are ready to find a home. When those foster homes are all full, it can be a challenge to take in more kittens who need foster placement. You can help by offering to “Foster to Surrender”.


Foster to Surrender is a program where the finder of a kitten or litter of kittens who brings them to the Humane Society then becomes their foster home. This helps to free our regular foster volunteers for other kittens in need. Please note that during this period, the kittens “belong” to the Humane Society, and that all medical decisions regarding them will be made by the Humane Society’s medical team.

The kittens may not be rehomed during this time without the Humane Society’s consent.

While you are fostering the kittens, the Humane Society will provide all needed supplies, and all veterinary care. Please contact our foster coordinator at foster@windsorhumane.org to arrange to pick up supplies when needed. She can also assist with scheduling medical appointments, or you can reach our medical team at vettech@windsorhumane.org.

*If you have found tiny baby kittens, rather than bringing them to the Humane Society, you can pick up a starter kit for formula, bottles, and a guide to raising baby kittens. We will provide more formula as needed, and when they are old enough we will arrange a date and time with you to bring them to the Humane Society.

What if I want to adopt my Foster to Surrender Kittens? While the goal of this program is to place kittens up for adoption, we understand that it’s hard not to get attached when raising bottle babies. If know from the start that you plan to keep kittens, please see the information above about obtaining formula for them, and then arrange with your veterinarian or our spay/neuter clinic to have them spayed or neutered when they are old enough. If you didn’t plan keep them but changed your mind as they grew up, please be sure to let our foster coordinator know BEFORE you return the kittens for their pre-adoption vet check that you would like to adopt.