foster information

 This pages contains all of the forms and information you will need as a current foster for WECHS.

If you are interested in adopting one or more of your kittens, please let us know at the time of dop off for surgery and we will arrange details from there. If a friend or family member is interested in adopting your kitten, please email the Foster Coordinator at foster@windsorhumane.org the SAME day you are scheduled to drop off your kittens and provide the following: The name of the kitten being adopted (which you will also give to the Foster Coordinator when you return your kitten/s), as well as the potential adopter’s name and email address. When you return your kittens, we will confirm they are surgery weight and adoption ready, we will email the potential adopter a private link to apply for the kitten. Their adoption form will be sent to our adoption staff who will coordinate the adoption from there. Please inform the potential adopter to check their junk mail if they do not see an email with the private link by the following morning after drop-off.

For any AFTER HOURS EMERGENCIES, please call the urgent foster phone at 226-346-8340.


New Fosters!

The ASPCA created a wonderful series of videos all about introducing fosters into your home. Check them out here!

Cats and Kittens!

When it comes to cats and kittens, no one is better equipped to teach than the Kitten Lady herself, Hannah Shaw. Using her online platform Hannah has built a strong database of reliable information and tutorials on how to care for even the smallest of kittens.

Check out her website here.
Check out her YouTube channel here.


Maddie’s Fund also has some great resources for kitten foster families – everything from socializing unsocial kittens to caring for orphan baby kittens. Check them out here.

Additional Kitten Care Information

Dogs and Puppies!