wechs veterinary clinic

dog spay/neuter

Looking to book a dog spay or neuter? Please read:

Due to overwhelming demand, dog spay/neuter surgery appointments are limited to low income clients receiving government financial support who apply and are approved through Rex’s Legacy.  Appointments are also available for owners who are part of our Spay your Mama program or who have been approved for our Pyometra program.


The Windsor/Essex County Humane Society Veterinary Clinic was opened to address a crisis of cat overpopulation, and therefore our primary focus for surgeries is cats. Especially for owned cats, access to affordable spay/ neuter is very limited in our community, and there are too many pet cats and community cats having unplanned kittens. While there has been a dramatic decrease in cat overpopulation, it is still a crisis in southwestern Ontario so cats remain our primary focus.


Dog owners of any income are welcomed to use our wellness services for their dogs.