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On the second Monday of every month we will open the majority of surgery bookings for the following month (if the Monday is a holiday, it would be opened the following business day). Wellness clinics are opened as they become available and are usually held once a month, though sometimes more.


Surgery appointments can fill up within MINUTES of opening. If you do not see a green date in the current or next month that means we are currently fully booked; the calendar is not broken. Please understand that we are a single charitable organization doing the best we can to provide access to spay neuter.

April and May spay appointments are filled, neuters are still available. **Please note: we expect additional appointments in May to become available, so please check back often if you were unable to book.

May 5th and May 7th Wellness Clinics are fully booked. Special Wellness Clinics on May 21, 22 and 30th will be available to book online on Tuesday May 7th at 10am

Check our website daily for any cancellations or if new spots are added as our surgical capacity allows.


Looking to book a dog spay or neuter? Please read:

The Windsor/Essex County Humane Society Veterinary Clinic was built to address a crisis of cat overpopulation, and beginning in 2024 we will be putting a temporary hold on publicly-booked dog surgeries to allow us to increase the availability of cat surgeries. Dog surgeries take longer than cat spays and neuters, so fewer can be performed in the same period of time. Especially for owned cats, access to affordable spay/ neuter is very limited in our community, and there are too many pet cats and community cats having unplanned kittens. A small number of dog surgical appointments will still be available by application in situations where there is a demonstrated financial need like our Rex’s Legacy, Spay Your Mama, pyometra program, and other targeted programs.