new foster volunteers

Bissell Pet Foundation Transport

Thank you so much for wanting to foster a dog! Many shelters in the United States are overwhelmed with dogs and we are so happy to be able to offer to help them! Please see below for further details, recommendations and requirements to foster, and to complete the survey.

Foster Requirements

  • Those interested in fostering MUST reside in Windsor or Essex County
  • Foster applicant must be 18 years of age of older
  • Fosters must have reliable transportation to pickup their foster dog and bring them back for any scheduled appointments at WECHS
  • Preference will be given to fosters who are able to pick-up their dog on Wednesday, September 29th in the afternoon
  • Fosters MUST be willing to foster for a UP TO 5 weeks. With so many dogs coming in at once, it will take our medical team time to see everyone and complete their medical care following the two week isolation period. The foster period will range from 2-5 weeks, but we are asking fosters to ensure they can foster up to 5 weeks while we make our way through assessing all the dogs.

Recommendations and Additional Information

  • Please complete this survey no later than Wednesday, September 22nd by 3pm if you are interested in fostering. -Please note, completion of this survey does not guarantee that you will be able to foster an animal.
  • If you are selected to foster, we will be emailing an information package that will include information on introducing your foster dog to other household members, children, and pets. We ask that you please read over this information thoroughly prior to bringing your foster dog home. They have also put together a dog assessment survey for fosters to complete on a weekly basis which will provide our staff with important information about your dog that is needed to ensure we find them the best adoption match.
  • Please note, we have very minimal information on the dogs coming in, as most of them were strays. Many of these dogs have been housed with other dogs in shelters, and therefore appear to be dog friendly. We will not have any information about if they have been around or are friendly with cats. We will provide you with additional information on introducing your foster dog to household cats at a later date.
  • All dogs coming will be a minimum of 8 months of age. There will not be any young puppies in compliance with Canadian import restrictions.
  • We are anticipating that most of these dogs will NOT be spayed/neutered prior to flying to Canada, and therefore will be altered here prior to being placed up for adoption.
  • Dogs will be matched to fosters based on the foster’s size preference. Please note, medium and large dogs are always the most difficult to find foster placements for, so if you are willing to foster those sizes please let us know!
  • We HIGHLY suggest that you have a space to isolate your foster animal away from resident pets, especially for the first few days to help them adjust and decompress and reduce the risk that they could carry an illness that could spread to your pets.
  • We recommend that all household dogs be up to date on their vaccinations. Your foster dog will have had a veterinary examination and appropriate vaccinations/flea preventative and deworming prior to going to foster. However, there is always a possibility that animals may have been exposed to an illness prior to arriving that they are not yet symptomatic for, and therefore we recommend household dogs being up to date with their vaccines (especially DA2PP and Bordetella) to help protect them. WECHS can only be responsible for treating the dogs in foster, and will NOT be responsible for covering the medical care of any animals owned by the foster.

Next Steps

We thank everyone who is interested in fostering. Please note, only those needed to foster one of these dogs will be contacted due to the volume of applications we anticipate to receive. We ask for your patience as we make our way through the applications. If selected, we will contact you no later than Monday, September 27th. We will email you with further details regarding pickup, as well as an information package that will contain a link to a mandatory zoom call (date and time TBC) that will go over the details of fostering and be a chance to answer any questions you may have. We are asking that at least one family member in the home attend this meeting to ensure our fosters are ready for pickup later that week.