Happy Tails: Biscotti (formerly Barbeque Sauce) and Bellini (formerly Maggie)

These two adorable kitties were from a severe hoarding case back in December.  Barbeque Sauce (now Biscotti) was not doing well in the shelter, so we let him visit with Maggie (now Bellini) and he came out of his shell so much that we decided to bond them together to go up for adoption.  Here they are, living their best lives, and they have completely come out of their shells in their forever home.  It’s so nice to know that Biscotti came around so well (we were concerned he wouldn’t) and that they got a home together where they are obviously loved and spoiled! Their new family says “Now that it’s been a few months and the kitties have settled in at their new home with us, I just wanted to reach out with some good news about Maggie and Barbeque Sauce (we call them Bellini and Biscotti now!) … Biscotti has become much more open then he was at the shelter, and with his sister’s help he’s become very comfortable with us at home. No more hissing and hiding, he follows us around for lots and lots of pets and head rubs. Bellini has developed quite an adventurous personality and loves exploring the house – she even refused to accept staying in her room for the first few weeks to acclimate and broke herself out! She loves to run around and make her brother play and chase, making sure to jump up on all the highest places. They are very good friends and spend most of their time together playing or sleeping, even calling out to find each other or us when they’re by themselves. We have been very surprised and excited with how loving they have become with us, even starting to jump up into bed at bedtime for some cuddles. We’re very happy they have made a home with us and thought you might be happy to know too!”