Barn Buddies Betty and Nova

Betty the barn cat was recently adopted by a family who previously adopted Nova the barn cat, and it sounds like she is loving life! “Well it’s been almost a month with Betty and thought I’d share… We started off slow here living in the barn placed her in a dog crate with a warm cat house …she was VERY shy but insanely friendly …she adjusted to the sounds and the horses very well so we slowly let her roam the barn when it was locked up… now she is FREE!!! She sleeps on the hay, the chair, the saddles wherever she feels like…I’ve even caught her in the horses stall snoozing with them…she literally has no fear around them and they absolutely love her.. I wished I got a pic of her touching noses with them but I didn’t have my phone… she’s very curious but still leery of some things but I feel she has adjusted very well and is loving her life… Nova and her have met there was a hiss or two maybe a reach out of the paw from Miss Nova since she’s sassy but all and all I think they know they have their “own areas” and may become friends one day lol here’s some pics of her journey with us ….glad we’ve been able to give a home to two cats I will say Nova has made me a cat lover she’s damn special here’s a pic her snoozing in one of her multiple garage bed areas lol”