Happy Tails: Arrow (previously Anastasia)

“It’s been a good few days since bringing our sweet girl home. Since her homecoming, she’s done amazing. Taken well to a collar, and responds to her new name, Arrow.

She’s had a busy time exploring her new space and took to the house in no time flat. She wasn’t content to wait more than a few hours before making the great escape from the bedroom into the rest of the house. Arrow is often laying under the coffee table, or in paws reach of myself or my partner at all times. She’s keen to play and sing, too. Oh boy, has she found her voice. She trills and chirps to find us. And my, does she have something to say when we have to leave for work. Arrow has plenty of toys though her springs and bird track are her favourites to keep her occupied while we’re away. 

My one worry I had initially was if she would be skittish and frightful. I’m pleased to say she is confident and very curious. She checks out the shower and loves to lay against the washing machine. Not afraid of sudden sounds and loves to check things out, even is as affectionate with house guests as she is with us.

Incredibly well tempered, energetic, affectionate; she’s the perfect addition to our home. Thank you, so much to WECHS for the opportunity to take Arrow to her forever home.”