Happy Tails: Ace

My boyfriend and I adopted one of your dogs, Ace and brought him home May 8th. We instantly fell in love with him! He was shy at first, getting to know his new home; took about 3 days until we saw him start to play with toys, eating normal amounts of food and ultimately his personality started to shine. For the first maybe week we didn’t hear a single peep from him…now he snorts, moans and groans; even in his sleep he will snore and howl. He is still skittish of noises and foreign objects; for a bit his hackles would go up when he’d see garbage cans on the side walks! He is a huge cuddle bug and gets jealous of anyone who’s getting attention when he’s not. 

Thank you guys for uniting us, we are so thankful to have him! We made an instagram for him, it is called Ace_fanbase where you can see more pictures and videos of him.