Happy Tails Archive

Check out these adorable photos of Cheeto!

Cortney recently adopted Lars – who received a brand new name! “My son chose to name him Cheeto. He is doing really well and adjusting.”

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Poppy is the happiest little girl!

She is the happiest little girl, always running around and playing and loves her cuddles. Continue reading

Jessica’s family is in love with her!

Carla sent us these adorable photos of their new pup, Jessica, who they lovingly call Jesse. Continue reading

Derych is a happy and energetic kitten!

Abby sent us this adorable photo of her new kitten Derych, who she says is very happy and energetic! Continue reading

Harry and Fiona love to cuddle on the couch!

Their favourite place is the family room couch or one of our laps. Continue reading

Nikita is the joy of his mama’s life!

He is joy of my life Continue reading

Pineapple is the new favourite family member!

Pineapple is the new favorite family member, he will be meeting the rest of the family in Alberta this December. Continue reading

Lilly is playful and fun!

“My daughters and I love her and renamed her Lilly (formerly Candy Corn). She is loving it here too as she is very playful and fun!” Continue reading

Max and Sven are handsome boys!

Donna sent us this lovely photo of her furbabies Max (top) and Sven (bottom), who she says get along very well! Continue reading

Maggie is such a sweetheart!

She is very affectionate and loving and is loved in return. Continue reading