Happy Tails Archive

Bella and Hunter love to Cuddle with New Family

“Our new kids are doing great. YES, we kept their names, Bella and Hunter. Both adapted VERY quickly. I think that Hunter never got to play with squeaky toys … he loves them!!! He gets excited he plays till he … Continue reading

Rocky is Full of Love

“Hello! Rocky is settling in nicely! He is still adjusting to our routine and is a little nervous which is totally understandable. He is full of love and we are blessed to have him join our family. I’m sure we … Continue reading

Wade has lots of Chickens and Bunnies to Watch in his New Home!

“Wade is doing well! He is starting to play with his new sister and we are slowly working on his guarding issues. He is very smart so he catches on quickly! And he certainly knows where to go for loving. … Continue reading

Cinder’s New Family Loves her Dearly

“I’ve decided to rename her cinder. She is settling in nicely. I love her dearly.”

Miller Loves Running in the Park!

“We renamed Donnie, his name is Miller.  He is settling in slowly.  There are two things we have learned so far, we cannot play tug of war, Miller gets a little aggressive but we as a family are more than … Continue reading

Franklin is Super Cute

Franklin’s new owner sent us this adorable photo of him. He is adjusting super well to his new house and family.

Mallory has an Interesting Bark

” Mallory is doing VERY well adjusting to her new life…I think she’s very content with her new digs!  I’m learning a bit more about her likes/dislikes and what she knows/doesn’t know. Overall she is an absolute sweetheart and does … Continue reading

Fynn is Loving all the Snuggles!

We did change his name… he is now Fynn!  He is fitting in very well.  Our other cat Willow hissed at him for the first few days, but now they seem to be getting along better.  We even caught them … Continue reading

Dustin Celebrates 2 Months in his New Home

Cheri sent us this adorable photo of Dustin in his new home with his sister.

Maggie Loves her New Friend!

“We’re doing just fine. Maggie is settling in very nicely, we love her already. She really likes her new bed and seems very happy here. She is getting along well with our other dog, Gracie as well. We will definitely … Continue reading