Coping with pet loss

A family pet is more than “just a cat or dog”, they are a member of the family and the loss of their companionship is painful. The Windsor/Essex County Humane Society understands that this loss can be extremely difficult for pet parents.  Research has found that the loss of a pet can sometimes be more painful than the death of a relative.  Please click here to view a copy of our brochure which offers resources that you can access.

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The Humane Society offers a monthly support group where people experiencing the loss of their pet can talk to others going through the same thing.  It is a non-judgmental environment where the deep loss is acknowledged and support on coping is provided.  The support group meets on the last Wednesday of every month from 6-8pm.  Please register in advance by emailing

Upcoming Dates:

Please note, until further notice we are no longer holding in-person support sessions due to current public health recommendations. We are now offering support sessions via scheduled phone calls with our pet loss group facilitator. Please email if you would like our group facilitator to contact you.


Please note that individual counselling isn’t a service that we are able to provide.  If you need to speak with someone individually regarding the loss of your pet or need support between sessions please contact the Family Services Walk In Counselling Service or the Distress Centre.