Update on Justice’s Condition

December 19

The outpouring of support for Justice, the dog found in Windsor with his muzzle, paws, and neck tightly bound with electrical tape, has been overwhelming.

Today Justice is bright and alert, and is eating well. However, veterinarians have found that the injuries to his mouth as a result of his abuse are more serious than they first appeared. Much more of the tissue inside his mouth has been severely damaged than was originally apparent, and he is on a variety of medications to try to save as much of the remaining tissue as possible. Testing has also confirmed that Justice is positive for heartworm. 

An arrest has been made in this case; the investigation is ongoing.

Donations towards Justice’s care may be made online at http://windsorhumane.org/. While many people have contacted the Humane Society offering to adopt Justice, at this point because he will require medical care for some time prior to being available for adoption no applications are being accepted.

Justice day two profile Justice day 2 resting


December 21

Justice’s recovery is continuing. He required surgery yesterday to remove some of the damaged tissue in his mouth but he came through it well, and continues to eat and be active. He still requires heavy pain medication, and Humane Society veterinary staff are taking his progress day by day. The good news is that swelling in his neck and three of his paws has gone down. We’re passing along everyone’s good wishes, and telling him that many people care about him and want him to get well. Our thanks to everyone who has already brought in items to make him comfortable and contributed to his medical care; with your help we are able to do everything possible to help him recover.

Justice day 3