Advocate for Stronger Provincial Laws to Protect Outdoor Dogs

Are you concerned that Ontario law doesn’t prevent someone from leaving their dog on a chain for 24 hours a dog?  Or leaving them outside in freezing cold or sweltering heat with just a dog house for protection?  The government has the power to strengthen the law.  Consider making your voice heard by contacting the Premier and the Minister of the department responsible for animal welfare.  Using your own wording will have the most impact, but if you need assistance please feel free to use the template below:

The Honourable Doug Ford

It is distressing to me that Ontario law permits dogs to be kept outdoors continuously, provided that certain conditions are met.  I believe the people of Ontario want to see stronger protections for our companion animals.  Beyond the physical stress of being left to endure freezing and sweltering temperatures outdoors with only a dog house for protection, dogs are social beings who crave and thrive on companionship and interaction with other people and animals. Left outdoors for days, months and even years, dogs suffer immense psychological damage.
Many Ontario municipalities have passed stronger laws to protect dogs, particularly to prohibit tethering them for extended periods.  However, these laws need to be consistent across the province, protecting all Ontario dogs equally.  In addition, the laws shouldn’t stop at limiting tethering – there should also be time limits on keeping dogs unattended outside.
Thank you for your attention.  I hope to hear soon about legislation to strengthen provincial law to better protect our canine friends.