Rescue Road Trip!

#rescueroadtrip #savinglives

Our Thanksgiving rescue road trip has come to a close and safely delivered our Manitoba rescue dogs to the humane society! Originally from northern Manitoba, these dogs were transported by our caring rescue partners to Sudbury where two of our pawsome team members Christie and Jasmyne picked them up and drove them all the way back here to Windsor. Why did they need to make SUCH a long trip to find their home? Well, in many parts of northern Canada there is very limited access to veterinary care, which means that spay and neuter is uncommon. And as a result, there are more dogs being born than there are homes for in those communities.

Having arrived late Friday night, we wanted to allow our new friends some time to relax and decompress from their journey. They are now being fully vetted by our medical team and assessed by our behaviour team so that we can determine what kind of household they would thrive best in. While it will take a while for some of our new friends to become available, they are one by one becoming ready and being posted to our website! If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs, keep an eye on our adoptable dogs page here!

Unfortunately three of our new friends have tested positive for heartworm, and the process to get rid of these pesky worms is long and costly. It will take a little while longer for these three dogs to become available for adoption, but don’t worry, they will be available as soon as their heartworm is gone! If you would like to donate to help care for these dogs and the thousands of other animals the humane society cares for each year, click here!