I Lost My Cat

Please note that due to the current public health emergency situation all animals are being accepted and reclaimed by appointment.  Please call 519-966-5751 to book an appointment.  

A lost cat will behave very differently depending on if they are used to going outside or not. If your cat normally goes outside then there was likely some event that caused him to become lost (such as being chased by a dog), they may have been injured and are unable to return home, or they were intentionally or unintentionally trapped. When indoor cats who normally don’t go outside become lost, they are almost always hiding somewhere nearby – it’s just a matter of figuring out where! Often it will be within a very short distance of your house.

The good news is that research indicates that 72% of found cats return home on their own. But the rest are only found by searching the neighbourhood, posting signs, or visiting a shelter, so it is important to take those steps as well. For more information about lost cat behaviour, please visit http://www.catsinthebag.org.

Even if you are checking this web site, you MUST come into the Humane Society and search for your cat regularly. Many cats look similar, and you are the person who knows your pet best. Even with a photo, it can be hard to tell one animal from another (we usually take in at least 5 black cats every week). And unfortunately, taking quality photos of frightened cats when they first arrive can be difficult so it can be difficult to identify your cat from the listings on this page.

Stray cats who are brought to the Humane Society are held for three days prior to being assessed for our adoption programs. The exceptions are cats who are so sick or injured that it is inhumane to hold them, or very feral/unsocialized cats who may be altered and returned to the area they came from prior to three days to avoid undue stress on them (learn more about return to field here).  You must come in during this period to reclaim your cat, or you will lose all legal rights to claim them. Our lost and found area is open daily from 8 am to 6 pm (closed most holidays).

When you come in, please bring in identification with your address on it, as well as some proof that the cat is yours. Photos, vet records, or other documents will help us ensure that you are the rightful owner and that we’re returning your cat to the right person. You may also want to bring a photo of your cat for our lost board where people may look if they have found a cat that they’re keeping at home. It is critical that you come in to look for your lost cat even if you have posted a notice.

In addition to looking for your cat here, please also ensure that you search your neighbourhood thoroughly, and post notices with a photo of your cat. It is also often helpful to place notices in the mailboxes of nearby houses, and ask your neighbours to check their yards. While posting your cat online is another option, lost cats are often very close to home and therefore reaching people close to you is critical.

If you have questions, please call us at 519-966-5751.

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