I Lost My Dog

Please note that due to the current public health emergency situation all animals are being accepted and reclaimed by appointment.  Please call 519-966-5751 to book an appointment.  

The good news is that most stray dogs are eventually found if their owners continue to look for them. Sometimes finders keep a dog at home, while others bring the dog to the Humane Society or call an animal control officer in the county so it’s important to explore all avenues when looking for your lost dog.

Even if you are checking this web site, you MUST come into the Humane Society and search for your dog regularly. Breed, colour, and even size descriptions can vary a lot depending on who is describing the animal, and you are the person who knows your pet best. Even with a photo, it can be hard to tell one animal from another.

When your dog first goes missing, give us a call to let us know, but also walk around your neighbourhood holding a leash and calling your dog. Finders of a dog often are looking for the owner, and this will help you connect with each other. For tips on lost dog behaviour please visit https://www.missinganimalresponse.com/lost-dog-behavior/ and https://petfbi.org/what-to-do/lost-dog-behavior/.

All stray dogs who are brought to the Humane Society are held for three days prior to being assessed for our adoption programs. You must come in during this period to reclaim your dog, or you will lose all legal rights to claim them. Our lost and found area is open daily from 8 am to 6 pm.

When you come in, please bring in identification with your address on it, as well as some proof that the dog is yours. Photos, vet records, or other documents will help us ensure that you are the rightful owner and that we’re returning your dog to the right person. You may also want to bring a photo of your dog for our lost board where people may look if they have found a dog that they’re keeping at home.

Be sure to contact other area pounds, including the Lakeshore Dog Pound (519-727-6495) and the Leamington/Kingsville Pound (519-796-3013). Sometimes dogs can roam greater distances than you would think they could, or someone may bring them to a shelter some distance from the area where they were found. The Windsor Star will publish a free ad for you, and there are many online sites where you can spread the word about your lost dog to try to connect with the person who finds them.

One of the most common reasons that dogs become lost is because they are unneutered males, and they escape from their yard seeking a female in heat. Please consider spaying or neutering your dog if they’re not already. The Humane Society spay/neuter clinic is able to spay or neuter most dogs for only $150.

If you have questions, please call us at 519-966-5751.

Pound Fees

$50 per visit + municipal license (required for Windsor residents).  Boarding of $25 per day after 24 hours.  

All dogs are required to have a municipal dog license. To encourage dog owners to purchase a license and put it on their dog, the Humane Society waives all pound fees for any stray dogs wearing a current license tag. However, boarding fees may apply if the dog is not claimed within 24 hours.

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