I Found a Dog

Please note that due to the current public health emergency situation all animals are being accepted and reclaimed by appointment.  Please call 519-966-5751 to book an appointment.  


Fees to Drop Off a Stray Dog

Residents of Windsor and Amherstburg: Free
Other municipalities: $20

There are never fees to drop off a stray animal who is sick or injured.

These fees help offset our costs, however, no animal will be turned away because the finder cannot afford to pay.

You’re driving down the street and see a dog who clearly has lost his way. Or maybe one just shows up in your backyard. However you cross paths, if you find a lost dog here are some tips to help you find his or her owner:

  • Injured dogs need a veterinarian If you find a stray dog who has been injured call the Humane Society as soon as possible. We will help 24 hours a day.
  • Walk the dog through your neighbourhood several times. The dog’s family may be scouring the neighbourhood looking for him, and if you’re walking around with him it’s more likely you’ll connect with each other. Kids are a great source of information – they often know where many neighbourhood dogs live.
  • The Windsor Star will publish a free 3-line ad for a found animal. There are also a number of sites online where you can post a found animal. Include specifics, but leave out one identifying characteristic and ask the person who claims to have lost the animal to describe it. There are people out there who claim lost pets to get a ‘free’ animal or to obtain animals for illegal purposes.
  • Post a found report on the Humane Society’s lost and found board.
  • Use caution. A lost dog may be scared, and doesn’t know that you’re trying to help. Ensure that you are safe, even if it means that you’re unable to contain the dog.
  • Have the dog scanned. If you plan to keep the dog at your home while looking for their owner ensure that you bring them to the Humane Society or a veterinary clinic to have them scanned for a microchip.

Stray dogs may be dropped off at the Humane Society from 8am to 6pm seven days a week. During these hours and after hours we will pick up a found dog in Windsor or Amherstburg if you are unable to care for them while looking for their owner.  Please note that the Humane Society offers a Good Home Guarantee for all dogs who come to the shelter.

Although it’s easy to assume that a dog is lost because his people didn’t care about him, the reality is that accidents happen to even the most loved dog. The dog may be limping or dirty because they have been playing in a ditch or because they were hit by a car, not necessarily because they weren’t cared for. If you plan to keep a dog that you found, you have a responsibility to first make sure that he doesn’t have a family who loves him and is looking for him.

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