Kids Spending the Summer Helping Animals!

Some really awesome kids have paid us a visit recently! We loved meeting all these creative and caring young people who spent part of their summer holidays helping others. Thank you!

Macey (age 13) donated $210 that she raised selling vegetables and lemonade during the Explore the Shore event at her very own veggie stand!
For the third time, Luca (age 10) and Max (age 7) raised $114.20 from a lemonade stand they ran themselves!
Peyton (age 11) raised $21 from a lemonade stand that she worked on a sweltering day, using her own money to buy the supplies!
Hanna (age 12), Maya (age 6), and Ryder (age 3) raised $66 by giving away free ice cream. They decorated the family golf cart like an ice cream truck with music and everything, and then asked the recipients to make a donation to the animals at the Humane Society!