Kayla doesn’t want you to feel sorry for her!

****WARNING – graphic photos below


A few days into 2015, a very special cat came through our doors. Her people brought her in because she had an extremely serious eye infection that had caused her to go blind and they were unable to afford treatment for her. This infection would have caused her a lot of pain, but despite that, the kitten was extremely affectionate and didn’t stop purring! Our veterinarian was concerned that the infection could spread to her brain so immediately started her on a treatment of antibiotics to reduce the infection in preparation for surgery. Once the inflammation was minimized, she was able to have surgery to remove her diseased and irritating eye tissue. She has now made a full recovery, and is looking for a home where she will have a person of her own to love her as much as she loves everyone she meets.

Kayla by Angie

Kayla is only about 4 months old, and while it’s easy to feel sorry for her because of her lack of sight she doesn’t feel sorry for herself! Once she gets used to her surroundings she will navigate with surprising ease, and with her keen senses of smell and hearing she will be able to enjoy a full and happy life!

Kayla by Angie 2



Kayla before her surgery:

Kayla before surgery

Kayla before surgery 2