Justice’s Story

On Thursday, December 17 Dean Cresswell was walking his two dogs beside the Canadian Tire on Walker Road when they discovered a small dog lying in the grass. When Humane Society officers responded they found the dog’s muzzle, paws, and neck tightly bound with electrical tape. The dog was unable to move, having difficulty breathing, and his mouth and paws were extremely swollen. We immediately rushed him to a veterinarian for care.  Veterinarians believe that the dog, now named Justice, would likely not have survived more than a few more hours had he not been found.

Justice is a Patterdale terrier, about 6 years old.  He has already required three surgeries to remove damaged tissue in and around his mouth and jaw, and to suture the healthy tissue together.  Surgery is risky for Justice due to a pre-existing heartworm infection, but is necessary to address the trauma he suffered. The risks are minimized by monitoring him closely while he’s under anesthesia.  Once the wounds from his trauma are healed, we will move on to addressing his pre-existing dental issues and heartworm.  We are optimistic that he will make a full recovery, although he has a long road to recovery ahead of him.

In addition to his physical injuries, we are also working with Justice on some behaviour issues to better fit into his new home when he’s eventually ready for adoption. We’re also helping him work through the emotional trauma from his ordeal. While dogs are very resilient, animals can (like humans) experience post traumatic stress and helping him through those issues is just as critical as helping his body heal from the trauma.

Michael Earl Hill pled guilty on February 1 to wilfully causing unnecessary pain and suffering or injury to an animal.  He was sentenced to 2 years in prison, 3 years probation, and a 25 year ban on owning or living with animals.

Applications to adopt Justice are not being accepted at this time as our focus is on getting him well.  Any donations to help animals like Justice are welcomed at http://windsorhumane.org/donate-now-2/.


Justice at scene

Justice day 2 resting

Justice Dec 30

Tracy cuddling Justice Jan 1

Jan 9 update 2