Humane Society Seeks Information About Neglected Dog

***CAUTION***Graphic Photos Below****

Cocker on intake

The Windsor/Essex County Humane Society is seeking information from the community about a serious case of animal neglect.  On the evening of Saturday, August 6 we received a call about a stray dog in the 900 block of Pelissier.  When examined by Humane Society veterinary staff, she was found to have severely necrotic infections in both ears.  These infections had been ongoing for some time without treatment.  Despite intensive treatment to save her ears, the amount of tissue damage was too extensive and neither could be saved.

The dog, now named Deema, is a cocker spaniel type dog.  She is a female, appears to be unspayed, and approximately 1 year old.

Anyone with information about who may have neglected Deema is asked to call the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society investigations department at 519-966-5751, ext 16 or Crimestoppers at 519-258-8477.  You are not required to provide your name to make a report, and you may be eligible for a reward through Crimestoppers.

Anyone who would like to contribute to Deema’s medical treatment is invited to donate to the Humane Society online at


***Extremely graphic photos below this point***READER DISCRETION ADVISED***

Cocker with ears removed and bandaged

The tissue on Deema’s ears was so necrotic that they literally fell off, despite intensive veterinary treatment.

Cocker sleeping with yellow bandage Cocker one ear extended Cocker close with ears Cocker ears extended