Whisky, The Cutest Mutt in the World!

I had long planned to adopt a dog from the Humane Society, actually since I moved out of my parent’s house about six years ago and to Windsor for school. I made trips frequently to the Humane Society and nearly adopted a dog about five years ago but my parents told me they would disown me if I went through with it! I debated it still, but eventually had to give up on the idea. Nine months ago I bought my first house here. One day about six months ago, I ventured back to the Humane Society… not exactly sure why, it was a random sort of day.

I walked into the dog adoption area and could go no further after seeing only the second dog. I hadn’t even really considered actually adopting a dog that day, and I don’t know exactly why I was there. I just was!

This dog was so calm when I looked at her. No words were necessary, I knew what this dog was saying, and that day she stole my heart. Perhaps I lost myself in her calm spirit. I needed to meet her. The Humane Society brought me to a small room and then brought the dog to meet me. She walked into the room with a happy confidence and, the instant she saw me she ran over and sat down, tail going wild, full of kisses and snuggling. She sat on my lap, even though she was by no means a lapdog… she is 40 lbs. We played with a toy for a bit and my heart continued to melt away. Half an hour later I had to leave to head out to a class at the University. I might as well have not been in that class because all I could think about was that dog. I had planned to rationally consider things and “sleep on it”. The moment that class was finished I practically ran to my car and drove right back to the Humane Society. I went into the room again and when the dog saw me a second time, I think she had already known exactly why I was there again.

Whisky adopted me later that evening and we have been inseparable ever since. She comes everywhere with me, and guards my bedroom at night from the top of the stairs. My neighbours tell me that she gets too many walks, but I don’t think so. Whisky has been my very best friend since the day she came home with me, and very much helped me with the passing of a dog (in August) that I raised for my younger brother who had been taking care of that dog in London the past few years. Whisky is a wonderful addition to my life and I could not imagine my life without her having come into it now. Eternally thankful to the Humane Society for bringing my baby into my life!!