Wendall was worth the wait!

“Wendell is doing great.  He’s house trained, knows lots of commands and is getting along with everyone.  He is excellent with our kids, ages 7, 4 and 2 and is a great addition to our family.  He’s a very chill guy and seems to have taken to us.  We are very happy to have him…..I’m not sure his background but he does seem sad at times like he’s missing someone or something, but hopefully with time he’ll come to know that we are his family for long haul….

It’s too dark in the mornings to walk so he and I play ball in the backyard for a while before work and school and my husband walks him every afternoon to get the older kids off the bus. 

He likes car rides and has met all of his grandparents as well.  We are excited to see if he likes the water as we’re putting in a pool next summer and spend time up north at the lake. 

Overall, aside from the separation anxiety, he has been the ideal dog and we are very lucky to have him.  We’d been looking for a new family dog for about a year since our old boy Chesney passed away at age 11.5 from a heart condition in May of 2017.  Wendell was definitely worth the wait..

We really love him.  Pics attached so you can see how he’s settled in.”