The Rest of Brawny’s Life

I went down to the Humane Society to look at a dog (Pug/Chow Chow mix) that had recently been left for adoption. After researching the web page many times, I was familiar with all the dogs’ stories and behaviour but noticed one dog that had been in there the longest… Brawny, a big black retriever mix. After taking him out in one of the pens, I realized this dog would take an especially active owner… he has so much energy! I’m happy to report that he has settled in just perfectly and the care he received at the Humane Society has made it very easy to train this 3-1/2 year old; he doesn’t show any residual effects from being there since May. He interacts wonderfully with people and all dogs at the parks. A big thanks to the Humane Society and all of the volunteers there for a job well done and a successful placement for Brawny!!