Simon and Ernie have found their perfect home!

“My husband and I were looking to adopt for a while now. We have been looking through the Humane Society and other cat adoption agencies to provide a forever home for a bonded pair of cats.

We have a very casual home with no children and wanted to get cats that were older and didn’t need the constant care that kittens need.  We came upon a pair of brothers, Simon and Ernie at pet smart. They are very large cats and very calm.  We visited them a few times and decided they were the pair we were looking for. 

We adjusted to having cats around, and them to a forever home, quite quickly.  We love them very much and are more then enthusiastic to have found them to complete our family.

We also would like to mention that we had a very positive experience working with the humane society and pet smart staff. We really felt comfortable and their suggestions and honesty were very much appreciated.”

  • Carie