Rufus & Gustafson

Rufus & Gustafson

As my husband and I are preparing to bring a dog into our family, I’ve been spending a lot of time on your website, including reading the “Happy Tails” posted by adoptive families. I just wanted to send a quick message to share the stories of our two feline boys who were adopted from the WECHS many years ago.

Rufus (aka “The Goof”) was brought into WECHS with massive injuries, including a tail that was broken in so many places it had to be amputated. When we first brought him home, he was still on post-surgical antibiotics, and required daily ointment on his little stump of a tail. Now, twelve years later, he is the king of our household, and most definitely the world’s most huggable cat! When he’s not in our arms snuggling against our necks, he can be found curled up on the bed with his feline sisters, or dragging his favourite toy around the house. He’s a rascally little trouble maker, and an absolute joy!

We adopted one-year-old Gustafson (aka GusGus) from WECHS about two years after we brought Rufus home, because we wanted Rufus to have a buddy that he could wrestle and play with. They ended spending a lot more time snuggling than wrestling. Sadly, we lost our precious GusGus to thyroid cancer a few months ago, but we spent ten very happy, snuggly years with him, and enjoyed every moment. His fur was incredibly long and thick, and as soft as a chinchilla, and he carried his long, fuzzy tail up over his back like a husky. He loved nothing more than to have his throat and belly brushed or scratched. We miss him terribly, but are so grateful for the many wonderful years we got to spend with him.

Thank you for all you do! We look forward to adopting a canine family member very soon!

Elena and Andy J