Romeo is loving his new life and family!

Michelle sent us this sweet update on her newest furbaby Romeo!

“Romeo is doing really well! We decided it would be better for him to keep his name.

I’ve attached a few pictures to show what he’s been up to lately. He and my other dog, Ember, love play-fighting, actually sharing toys (they pass them to one another!), and snuggling together on the couch. He loves going for walks around the neighbourhood. We even met up with a couple who recently adopted Chester from the humane society on our walk yesterday. My boyfriend and I took both dogs to Ojibway Tall Grasses Park on Sunday and we all had a lovely time. My boyfriend has a 100 foot fenced yard where both dogs run and play together. And bonus, he enjoys sleeping on my bed at night.

Romeo is an amazing dog. We absolutely adore him. He is an utter sweetheart.”