Reign, formerly Joker

Reign, formerly Joker

Hello Windsor Essex Humane Society,

This is Reign, formerly known as Joker, the Doberman/Rottweiler pup that was in your shelter last spring. She wanted to send an update to the wonderful people who took care of her while she was waiting for us to come get her. She has settled into her new home wonderfully making us laugh everyday just by being her goofy self. She has learnt all basic commands so quickly and while walking past other dogs on walks is still a work in progress it’s getting better!

Reign is even respectful enough to leave the kitchen if we or her feline brothers are eating. Initially she was very intrigued by her new brothers who were not too happy to have her in their lives. She has since grown to accept they do not wish to play with her and will now only try to play with them occasionally, usually because she mistakes their swatting for play – luckily for her they don’t have claws!

She loves going to the park and making new friends, big or small, old or young she gets along with everyone and loves to run! It’s hard to believe when we picked her up she needed to be lifted into the car as she was so scared, now she is eager to jump in so she can go for an adventure!

We are so happy to have her in our lives and can’t imagine what it was like before she was around. Thank you so much for taking care of her and all the other countless animals you have cared for! I am sure you will see us in the future when we are ready to give Reign a canine sibling, I know she would love to have a friend to share her home with!

Emily, Alex and Reign